About Us


We are Hawaii’s oldest, largest, and only full-service student housing management company. We service all of Hawaii’s colleges and universities. As a full-service student housing provider, we offer three student housing options that are sure to meet the needs of students and their families.

The Student Suites Collection

These buildings offer a conventional student housing experience. They are available to all college students, and are 100% students, interns and externs. Units are contracted by the semester or school year, BUT we also offer customized contracts for ESL and non-traditional students. Single and double occupancy rooms are available. All units come with full kitchens or kitchenettes, are furnished and include electricity, water, cable, internet and trash service. Student Resident Assistants live at each property and each student is assigned to an RA who will assist them through problem resolution, questions, etc. The RAs also sponsor student life activities available to all students. These units are popular with freshmen and sophomores but are open to all students.Buildings are drug-free, and each student is accountable for their own behavior. The rules are enforced by the House Director and RAs.

Our Student Suites 100% Student Community Collection includes, Kalo Terrace, Pacific Villa & Beachwalk.

The Hotel Student Rental Collection are rooms in Waikiki and other Popular hotels. These hotels are managed by Aqua Hotels, one of Hawaii’s largest hotel management companies. These accommodations are popular with upperclassmen and freshmen committed to their studies. Rooms are large and maintained by the hotel staff. Suites are fully furnished and include electricity, water, cable, internet and trash service. Weekly maid service is also included. Units are rented by the bed and can be single or double occupancy. There is an RA (Resident Assistant) on site. Student life programs are available to students. The hotels are rated three-star and above and are also available to students’ families when visiting Hawaii. Rooms are drug-free. As a general rule, in addition to our rules, students must also follow the hotels’ rules.

Our Hotel Student Rental Collection includes: the Ewa Hotel, the Pagoda Hotel & the White Sands Hotel.

We offer many affordable student housing options to all of Oahu’s colleges and institutions of higher learning such as:

Hawaii Pacific University
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Chaminade University
Heald College
Honolulu Community College
Kapiolani Community College
Tokai University
Argosy University Hawaii
Ulupono Academy
Institute of Intensive English
Remington College
Taiwan Advising Center
E.L.S. Program of Hawaii Pacific University
N.I.C.E. program of Univeristy of Hawaii At Manoa
Danish Language Student Center
Intercultural Communications College
Education First Language School

All Oahu Business and Technical Colleges