Q. What is the monthly installment? What is included in that rate? Where are the rates on the site?

A. Hawaii Student Suites does not rent or lease, we provide housing via housing contracts. Contracts at each of our locations varies by type of amenities and whether your student chooses a private or shared unit, and by form of stay: academic year, full year, semester or non-traditional stays. You can find a price breakdown of each location on our contracts webpage. Your or your student’s installments include: electric, cable, internet, water and trash. The Rates are on the Home Page and you may read them by selecting the property, then the green link below. Or you may Select Housing Contracts and select the building which you desire, the prices will be listed in the contract as well.

Q. What is the difference between a Housing Contract and a Month-to-Month Rental?

Housing  Contracts are the industry standard for college housing and your Housing Contract is a contract as opposed to a month-to-month rental. Our Housing Contracts are for a specific period of time or lengthy of stay. Hawaii Student Suites standard contracts match those of the UH Academic Year and are similar to all other Hawaiian Universities and Colleges. Our non-standard contracts accommodate differences in the a typical academic calendar or for short term stays. When you sign your Housing Contract, you are not renting from us on a month-to-month basis, but rather you are agreeing to a certain length of stay at a Contract Price. Most students and parents choose to pay for their housing contracts in a series of installments.  We also work with those students on financial aid, so they can use their financial aid to help with your housing costs. If you have questions about our option for you to make installment payments or about how we can help with your financial aid program, please do not hesitate to call us at 808-952-5377.

Q. What if my roommate(s)/suitemate(s) default?

A. Hawaii Student Suites only holds you liable for the portion you agreed to on your Housing Contract, regardless of what occurs with your roommate(s)/suitemate(s).

Q: Do you provide insurance?

A: If your parents have homeowners’ insurance you are most likely covered by their policy. If not, you can purchase a renters insurance policy to cover your personal property and liability. If you would like an insurance quote please contact Insurance Associates at 808-538-6938.

Q. What does Hawaii Student Suites offer?

A. Hawaii Student Suites offers 5 unqiue properties; 2 Traditional 100% Student Communities and 3 Hotel Accomodative Options. The Ewa Hotel, the White Sands Hotel and the 100% Student Beachwalk Community comprise our 3 fabulous Waikiki locations and our 2 other locations are right outside of Waikiki, the Pagoda Hotel right behind the world famous Ala Moana Shopping Center and our 100% Student Kalo Terrace that is a mere 1 block from UHM! And we will work to accommodate all your student needs.

Q. Is the apartment furnished, if so, what is included?

A. Yes, all of our properties come furnished. Your contract guarantees you a bed space that can range from twin to queen size depending on the property and type of accommodation you choose. Each apartment includes a table(s), chairs, and television. Each location has either a full kitchen or a kitchenette depending on the location you choose.

Q. Safety and Security of the apartment building?

A. Some of the safety and security features at our locations include: Camera(s), Security Guard(s), Limited FOB Access, Community Gates, and On-Site Staff. Each location is different, so be sure to ask our staff about your desired location.

Q. What if something breaks in the room or needs to be repaired?

A. Our maintenance staff operates on a work order system; so if something is in need of repair you may either call our corporate office or visit our Maintenance Section of our website to put in a FixIt Request. From a malfunctioning toilet, clogged drain, dresser drawers, slumping bed frame. We will fix it. Just let us know.

Q. Who has access building to the building? Each room?

A. Each building is accessible to only those that have a key to enter. The maintenance crew has access to the properties, and rooms when maintenance is needed within the unit/room when requested.

Q. Fire alarms, accessible extinguishers, Cleanliness– routinely checked?

A. Fire alarms are in every room and are routinely checked monthly. There are extinguishers located on each floor. Please ask an RA upon arrival to point it out if you are unable to spot it initially. Additionally, we perform health and safety checks monthly; to ensure general cleanliness and no hazardous conditions for the students.

Q. Roommate/Suitemate and Resident screening/matching?

A. If a student has a specific friend they would like to live with, we will match them with that person. If they don’t know anyone, that’s okay too! Our staff will match you with a roommate/suitemate. We take into account age and grade in school. All residents do go through a background check before we allow them to live with Hawaii Student Suites, for your student’s piece of mind as well as the community as a whole.

Q. Are there staff located on site? Who’s hired?

A. Yes, there are Resident Advisors located at all of our 100% Student Community properties; our Student Life Facilitators provide similar services to our residents residing in our Hotel Accommodative properties. Our staff assists with helping our residents with a variety of problems, from adjusting to the transition of college life to solving conflicts with roommates. Resident Advisors are also there to keep the property secure and be on-call 24/7 for residents. The RA’s and SLF’s are current student residents that apply each new semester and go through an interview process with our Chief Operating Officer and Director of Residential Life before placed in the RA position.

Q. Are there Programs or Events put on to meet other student/residents?

A. Yes! Our RA’s and SLF’s  host events frequently both on and off property for residents to meet other residents and to explore Hawaii. A few examples are beach/pool BBQs, Pizza Parties, Hikes, Beach Clean Up, Movie Nights, and more. They are also open to any suggestions resident have to help one another meet. You can view photos some from of our events under Residential Life or click Residential Life Events.

Q. Is my student required to leave during winter break like on campus dorms? What if I have to leave my stuff over summer?

A. No, we do not require our residents to leave during breaks. Their housing contract runs the entire time they are signed for. And if you have to fly home during the summer our premier partner Trunk It can store it for you!

Q. How far am I or my student from school?

A. It all depends on which property your student is living at and what school they are attending. The quickest way is to check our (Bus Route page – UNDER CONSTRUCTION) that has information, routes, and transit times to and from our locations to a number of schools. Or visit Google Maps from the school to the property and select their bike, walk or bus options.

Q. How do I get around Hawaii?

A. All our properties are on major bus lines. Many student residents use bus lines,  others use bicycles or mopeds. If a student purchases a bike, moped, or automobile, we offer parking to our residents at a below market rate on a space available basis. If you are need of a bike or moped our premier partner Aloha E-Bikes can help. Check them out at www.alohaebike.com.

Q. Are my Student Suites location options on major bus routes?

A. Yes, all of our properties are on major bus routes for our student residents’ convenience.

Q. How far are  Student Suites locations from grocery stores, general purpose stores, place to eat?

A. Depending on the location your student is living at—there are many options available. There are restaurants surrounding all our properties. Many are also conveniently located close or within bussing distance to Foodland, Safeway, or Wal-Mart.

Q. Is there a meal plan required? Option?

A. No meal plan is directly offered through Hawaii Student Suites; both on-campus and off-campus meal plan options are however offered from our premier partners OCMP and Island Grocery Service. Check them under our OCMP aka Off Campus Meal Plan, Island Grocery Service, and UHM Dining.

Q. What forms of payments do you accept?

A. Payment can be done online through our Make a Payment Section with our Pay Lease Link with credit card; payment may also be dropped off at each location and mailed via money order or check. Cash is accepted ONLY at our Corporate Office – 931 University Ave Ste 105. Thanks.

Q. What if I need to speak with Hawaii Student Suites after normal business hours?

A. If you have any issues that needs to be addressed after normal business hours; our RA’s our available at each 100% Student Community  property 24/7 to address your concerns and needs. If they are not available at the office of the residence your are staying at; you can contact the RA’s via the on-call telephone at the posted numbers at each residence office.

Q. How do I pick or how am I assigned a roommate/suitemate?

A. If a student has a specific friend they would like to live with, we will match them with that person. If they don’t know anyone, that’s okay too! Our staff will match you with a roommate/suitemate. We take into account age and grade in school. All residents do go through a background check before we allow them to live with Hawaii Student Suites, for your student’s piece of mind as well as the community as a whole.

Q. When I have reached the end of my contract, how do I properly checkout?

A. Each property is unique in its checkout process, please select your property to view its checkout process:
Kalo Terrace and Beachwalk
Q. Have a question that is not here, or not here that  you feel should be here?

A. Give us a call and let us know!