Internet Troubleshooting

Are you experiencing issues with your Internet; please examine the following before placing a Fix-It Request.

1. Is your modem/router plugged in?

2. Are all the lights green?

3. Have you double checked to ensure you have the proper security credentials for the modem/router you desire to connect to?

4. If you have credentials for multiple modem/routers and if they are in close proximity to each other do you have a preferred modem/router set correctly?

5. The modem/router in your units are designed to wireless support each up to 5 devices.

  • Do you and your suitemates have collectively more than 5 devices wirelessly connected to your living room or back of the apartment modem/router?
  • -If you do you may experience booting or having your device be kicked off.

6. Have you tried a power reboot of your modem/router? If not, follow this procedure:

  1. Located your modem/router in question
  2. Unplug power from back of modem/router
  3. Wait 30 seconds, then plug back in
  4. Allow 60 seconds for complete reboot, then attempt to reconnect

If all methods above, fail to fix your internet issues; please fill out a Fix-It request, under the Maintenance Link on the website and someone will come to examine your connection.