Island Groceries


Don’t have a car?  Busy Schedule?  New Groceries?  NO PROBLEM!

Island Grocery Service offers grocery delivers to any Hawaii Student Suite unit.  It’s easy!  We know it can be a hassle to go grocery shopping and that many of you do not have cars or transportation to go to the store.  Then you have to lug everything back to your room!  Let Island Grocery do it for you!

All you have to do is visit to get started.  Parents can even set students up with a credit and then students can go online and order what they need.

Currently,  this service is provided with a $20.00 service fee, however if you make an agreement with them to have regularly scheduled delivery they can give you up to 60% off this offer!


Phone: 808-922-4670

*Please note when using this and any other services we reccommend, they are outside companies and Hawaii Student Suites claims no libility in any interactions with outside venders.