Non-Discrimination Policy

Hawaii Student Residences LLC d/b/a Hawaii Student Suites (“HSS”) operates in accordance with Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, as amended, commonly known as the Fair Housing Act, as well as all state housing laws by ensuring that student bed spaces are available to students without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, disability, familial status (having children under age 18), sex, or any other basis protected by applicable state law (“protected status”). Specifically, HSS may not:

A. Refuse to contract, refuse to negotiate with a student for a student bed space, or otherwise make unavailable or deny a student bed spaces to student because of his/her protected status;

B. Discriminate against a student in the terms, conditions or privileges of student bed space or in the provision of services or facilities in connection therewith, because of the student’s protected status;

C. Make, print, or publish, or cause to be made, printed, or published any notice, statement, or advertisement, with respect to the provision of a student bed space to a student, that indicates any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on the student’s protected status;

D. Represent to a student because of the student’s protected status, that a student bed space is not available for inspection or contract when such student bed space is in fact so available; or

E. Coerce intimidate, threaten, or interfere with a student in the exercise or enjoyment of, or on account of his/her having exercised or enjoyed, or on account of his/her having aided or encouraged any other person in the exercise or enjoyment of, any right granted or protected by the Fair Housing Act.

Any HSS employee who fails to comply with this Nondiscrimination Policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Any action taken by an employee that results in unequal service to, treatment of, or behavior toward a student applying for a bed space on the basis of the student’s protected status, may constitute a violation of state and federal fair housing laws.

Any student or student applicant who believes that any of the above policies have been violated by a HSS employee may report a violation of this policy to the COO of HSS via e-mail at or via telephone at (808) 952-5377.