Aloha E-Bikes


Why ride an E-Bike/Scooter?

Electric bike [E-Bike] and electric scooter in Hawaii prove to be the fun vehicles for
personal, economic and environmental benefits. We truly set an example for residents from
all other places.

Riding an E-Bike/Scooter is like riding a general bike but without much sweat. In fact,
riding a pedal bike daily to work is not always pleasant in this warm climate in Hawaii. With
an E-Bike, one has no longer worried about a long way or an uphill, while still enjoys a nice
sports activity and always be able to find a parking place. The E-bike/scooter offers much
more comforts than pedaling a traditional bicycle.

The economic benefits of E-Bikes/Scooters are obvious, in comparing with buying hybrid
cars or even noisy gas mopeds. E-Bikes are considerably low cost. Except its low price,
one can easily save 75% of his/her gas spending after having an E-Bike. Just remember, E-
Bike / E-Scooter only need minimal maintenance. Thus, riding an E-Bike or E-Scooter can
turn your daily commute to a Money-Saving experience.

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